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The Ukrainian Carpathians are a definite area that is protected of nature, with primordial hills and emerald woodlands, flowering valleys and performing waterfalls

The Ukrainian Carpathians are a definite area that is protected of nature, with primordial hills and emerald woodlands, flowering valleys and performing waterfalls

Mountain lakes of Ukraine

Maricheika Lake

Into the Carpathians there are many than 30 hill lakes at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,800m, of glacial beginning in accordance with incredibly temperatures that are low. In Verkhovyna, within the hill variety of Chornohora, during the altitude of 1,510m above sea degree, there clearly was those types of crystal cool lakes, with all the name that is poetic Maricheika.

The freshwater that is crystal-clear took its water from underground sources, springs and atmospheric waters, yet the depth regarding the pond doesn’t meet or exceed 1m. The location from it is 1 hectare, and you can find mountain pines (creeping pine) and junipers round the pond shores.

The legend of this pond is reflected with its name and informs the whole tale of long-gone times. Like Synevyr, based on folklore, it absolutely was created from a man’s rips. The pond glorifies the selfless feat of Maricheika, a new spouse of shepherd Ivan. She brought enemies to thickets that are impassable destroyed her life. Her husband’s tears that are inconsolable a pond.

The legend has another closing: nature itself avenged the spouse having a disaster that is natural burying the enemies at the end of a hill pond. They do say that you will experience pure joy if you see the turquoise decoration of the North-Eastern slope of mount Shuryn at dawn.


The greatest hill pond in the Carpathians (1,800 meters above ocean degree) is with in a basin of great beauty, enclosed by the majestic peaks associated with the Chornohora ridge, Brebeneskul and Hutyn Tomnatyk. The pond extends for 134 meters and contains a capricious nature; normal catastrophes are regular here. The heat for the crystal that is 3m-deep pond, even yet in summer time, will not surpass 13°C. Nonetheless, this will not stop the daredevils from swimming. The time that is best for those radical procedures is within the early early early morning once the sunlight continues to be silvering the water area.

The name that is unusual of pond is translated from Romanian as vinca, showing the bright color associated with Carpathian pearl. In conjunction with the magnificent scenery associated with the mountains lost into the clouds, the vivid tints of this surrounding coniferous woodlands, the blue celestial level, Brebeneskul resembles a clear tear for the earth. Brebeneskul came to be by a huge glacial block, which minted a huge dish (сirque) beneath the Chornohora ridge and left on its base the memory of it self by means of a cool pond. Lots of tourists arrive at the shores associated with lake for an unforgettable connection with normal beauty.

Nesamovyte Lake

Much more solid and unpredictable may be the lake that is glacial Nesamovyte. Right right Here, during the base of the Turkul hill within the Chornohora ridge, one of the giant stones, serious hill winds and hefty clouds are prepared to spill hefty rain with hail, thunder and lightning whenever you want. The pond ellipse expands for nearly 90m. Its level is 1.5 meters, and subalpine vegetation covers the banking institutions.

People legends tell eerie and stories that are mysterious the pond created by crazy nature. One of them informs of the young woman whom drowned into the pond; people who disturb her will get her vengeance in the shape of inclement weather. Additionally, it is rumoured that at the end associated with the pond, souls of this sinners, the murderers, collect, whose comfort is guarded by way of a serious driver in the horse that is white. Meanwhile, hail, that may protect an imprudent tourist, is absolutely absolutely nothing however the ice through the rocks beneath the hooves for the horse, which treacherous sinners pour out of the heavens.

Relating to a legend, in the event that you throw a rock to the water, a cloud with lightning will straight away appear and disturb the souls of suicides, that are waiting around for a traveller to twist in a dance that is frantic the sounds of trembita (a conventional alpine horn made from lumber, popular among Ukrainian Hutsals) stop their cries.

But, interestingly, there is certainly a belief that is optimistic most abundant in mystical pond for the Carpathians. For individuals who will clean when you look at the water for the miraculous pond, fate will show a intimate encounter. They even state that the loudest trembitas are produced from woods wet into the lake’s waters.


From Apshynets vary, you are able to benefit from the magnificent scenery associated with the rectangular normal creation. The Glacial lake that is high-mountain Heryshaska (another title Dohiaska), lurks regarding the slope of Dohiaska mountain, 1,500m above sea degree, enclosed by the peaks of Svydovets nature book.

The region regarding the pond is 1.2 hectares. Even though pond is superficial (a bit more than 1m deep), water heat is not above 11°C, even in summer time. How you can the pond is hard with high descents towards the water through the ridge path, but courageous tourists should be able to marvel during the charming landscape regarding the pond surrounded by the thickets turkish brides at of sedge, green meadows and mountain peaks.

Right right Here you shall feel at one with nature, with absolutely nothing to show of contemporary life. Nearby, there was another Carpathian wonder, a breathtaking cascading waterfall, Drahobrat.

You can view hill pond Heryshaska on our tour:


Another alpine pearl associated with the Svydovets range is Lake Vorozheska (also known as Tryton), the design of which warrants its unusual title. Positioned at an altitude of 1,460m above ocean level, the glacial pond is divided in to two reservoirs linked by a stream that is thin. The larger pond, having a diameter of 95m and a level of 5m, has a smooth shape that is round as the crescent of this smaller pool expands to 76m and it is much shallower, up to 2m. The pond is well-known for its specific, cold water. Around it, you’ll find the thickets of juniper and blueberry.

Lake Vorozheska is shrouded in legends, saturated in fatalism. This can be a tale of two brothers who had been deeply in love with the girl that is same wished to show their energy and superiority over each other, so they really swam throughout the pond. A storm that is terrible the brothers beneath the water, and because then their bad mom ended up being visiting the pond and asking why it abthereforelutely was so aggressive.

And in addition they tell about two other shepherds, whom additionally passed away into the hills during poor weather, and two connected lakes emerged in the host to their death.

You can view hill pond Vorozheska on our trip:

We end our hike to Svydovets during the lovely high-mountain pond, Apshynets (also referred to as Troiaska). The pond is nearby the Troiaska top, at an altitude of approximately 1,500m above sea degree; like numerous high-mountain lakes, it lies at the end associated with the glacial cirque and includes a superficial level of about 3m. The region for the reservoir is 1.2 hectares also it got its water from precipitation and a stream that is small.

An eponymous river takes its beginning through the pond which can be abundant with crustaceans. Water warms as much as 12°C in summer time and freezes in wintertime. In the middle of plant variety, a benchmark that is real of Carpathian pond wealth symbolizes the ancestral and inconceivable success of nature, showing in its waters leisurely speed of white clouds into the sky in addition to quiet grandeur associated with hills.

Hiking in Ukraine, taking part in trips towards the land of hill lakes, great landscapes and intimate legends are exciting activities, vivid impressions and a feeling that is heady of through the shackles of civilization. Welcome to the secret Carpathians with Vidvidai trip agency!

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